Agape Immigration merges with Crux Migration

The birth of Agape Henry & Crux

Dear Valued Clients,
We at Crux Migration, are pleased to announce that we have agreed to merge with Agape Henry & Co, also known as Agape Immigration.

It is a decision that has been many months in the making, following an approach this year from the team at Agape Immigration who saw us as a logical partner in the market. We know it is the right move for the people who matter to us – our valued employees. 

From the discussion that has been ongoing for many months, what became clear is that Agape Immigration and Crux Migration are a natural fit. It is obvious that there are common grounds between us in terms of culture and values, and complementary expertise and capability.
In bringing together the respective pedigree of the two firms, we’ll be focused on building a combined offering that draws on our common strengths: a commitment to outstanding client service based on long-standing relationships, and a focus on retaining and assisting future clients.

Agape Immigration specialises in immigration law and administrative law. Just like Crux Migration, they boast a team of multi-lingual immigration lawyers, who are wholly committed to providing businesses and individuals the most efficient strategies and pathways to cater for their immigration needs. Working with Agape Immigration and their team of professionals will not only help us grow as a team but will also provide our clients access to better legal support from their team of experienced immigration lawyers. You can find out more about Agape Immigration via their website.
First, we are pleased to say that our team members, as well as the team at Agape Immigration, will be part of the combined firm. For our existing clients, you’ll be pleased to know that Kris and the Crux team will continue to work on your matter until a decision is made. As for our future clients, you will have access to our team as well as access to a greater pool of Immigration Lawyers with broader range of capability and expertise.

We would also like to announce that our Registered Migration Agent Mary Shin will be stepping down from her role at Crux Migration. We are extremely sad to see her go but extremely delighted and proud of what she has accomplished for our firm and team. We wish Mary every success in her future endeavour.

The merger agreement is due to take effect on 1 March 2019.  Over the coming months, our focus will be ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for you. After the 1 March 2019, the firm will operate as Agape Henry Crux.  
You’ll find more information about today’s announcement in the Q&A section below. And, if you have concerns or would like to discuss this, don’t hesitate to contact us.
With your valued support, we’re extremely proud of the firm we’ve built over the past 18 months, and we’re excited as we take this next step to enable us to better service your needs into the future.
Best regards, 

Crux Team




1.      What does today’s announcement involve?

 Today we announce that we will be merging with Agape Henry & Co., also known as Agape Immigration. The Merger will take place from 1 March 2019.

 2.      What is the name of the new firm?

 From 1 March 2019, Crux Migration and Agape Immigration will operate under one name. We will adopt the name Agape Henry Crux.

 3.      Will the terms of engagement change for existing matters?

 No changes will be made to our terms of engagement for existing matters.

 4.      Will the hourly rate for consultation change?

 Hourly rate for consultations will change to reflect all immigration lawyers experience and expertise.

 5.      Will Crux contact details change?

 Yes, from 1 March 2019 our contact details will change to 1300 529 669.

 Our emails will also change – we will announce this in due course.

 6.      Are there any conflicts of interest?

 There are no conflicts of interest that we are aware of.

 7.    Will there be any changes to the services we offer?

 We will continue to offer our existing services and after the merger, offer wider range of Australian visa services. 

Jessie Cunningham