The Board

Agape Henry & Co, also known as Agape Immigration is a growing and dynamic law firm specialising in immigration law and administrative law. From humble beginnings in World Square only a few years ago to a new office on the penthouse level of a CBD commercial tower, the Agape Immigration team continues to build a reputation as winners. Exceeding your expectations is our passion, and we take our passion very seriously.

Our clients are our best spokespeople and we let them do the talking for us. We are results-driven professionals who have got to where we are today by providing unparalleled levels of personally tailored service to our clients. We boast a team of multi-lingual immigration lawyers, who are wholly committed to providing businesses and individuals the most efficient strategies and pathways to cater for their immigration needs.

With the constant amendments to the immigration framework in Australia, we know first-hand how important it is to have a team of experienced professionals who are with you every step of the way. You will not be kept out of the loop with your case and we will do everything within the scope of the law to get the positive outcome you are after.



The future of Agape, Henry and Co

In 2007, Agape, Henry and Co made legal and corporate history as the first law firm to go public on the share market.

With a recently renewed focus solely on our Australian operations and investing in new systems and employees, Agape, Henry and Co is set to add to its long list of achievements. With a new board and senior management team in place, our mission is to build sustainable value for shareholders, whilst protecting the assets and reputation of our company.


Board and senior management

Our board and senior management jointly oversee the activities of Agape, Henry and Co. The board is responsible for and oversees the governance and management of our firm, whilst senior management approve the appointment of the board's directors and holds them accountable for the performance of the company. Both our board and senior management strive to build sustainable value for shareholders, whilst protecting the assets and reputation of Agape, Henry and Co.