Migration Planning Session

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A cup of coffee with our Immigration Lawyers


  1. The 36th Accredited Specialist (NSW)

  2. The 41st Accredited Specialist (NSW)

  3. Practice Group Director (at least 8+ years experience)

  4. Practice Group Leader (3-5 years experience)

  5. Special Counsel

  6. Senior Associate (1-2 years experience)

  7. Associate

  8. Junior Associate

Session fees

  1. $600 + GST

  2. $600+ GST

  3. $300 + GST

  4. $250+ GST

  5. $150+ GST

  6. $100+ GST

  7. $50 + GST

  8. no charge


NB: fees may vary depending on circumstances. Our immigration lawyers and migration agents may choose to waive their fees (subject to meeting the eligibility for pro bono) or it may be higher fees, for example, where additional resources are required (typically with partner visas & complex matters)

What happens during a migration planning session?

  • Our immigration lawyers and migration agents will identify relevant issues and assist in curating several pathways for your selection.

  • With an in-house chef, feel free to try out our delicious menu.

How are the migration planning session conducted?

  • In person

  • Telephone Chat

  • Video Conference

  • Computer Screen Share Session (visual aid)

  • Email correspondence (1 letter of advice)

How long is the migration planning session?

  • It will generally take you 15-20 minutes to settle, where we take your general information and explain how the migration planning session will take place.

  • Thereafter, you can expect an approximately 50 minutes of chat with our immigration lawyers and migration agents.

Can I hire 2 Accredited Specialists Immigration Lawyer?

  • If you case is extremely complex and technical, you may engage both of Accredited Specialists.

  • Our clients have reported that having a strong foundation to the commencement of their case, eventually saves them more money in the long run.

  • We offer a $400 discount should you wish to engage 2 of the 41 Accredited Specialists in Immigration Law (NSW) simultaneously for your session.

What happens after the migration planning session?

  • Generally, we will write to you reiterating the session and may include topics where our discussion may not have led us to expand.

  • For cases that are time-sensitive, we offer a complimentary follow-up service as it takes time to prepare your case and for you to gather the supporting information. Please let us know if you wish to opt out of this service.

Give us your details and we’ll match you up with one of our immigration specialists suited to your needs and circumstances.