Education & Seminars

Accredited Specialists are called by the Law Society and the OMARA to guide and support their fellow immigration practitioners. Agape Henry Crux is proud to present:

Incubator Program with Kris Ahn

The program is suitable to new registered migration agents or lawyers wishing to expand into the immigration space. Packages include work stations and fully serviced office to kick start your career under the guidance of Accredited Specialists in Immigration Law.

Business Networking (Immigration)

Mingle with peers in the immigration industry in a dynamic network event. This event is held every month with guest speakers from marketing gurus, barristers, accredited specialists, tech specialists. Great way to learn how others do it.

Private Tuition & MCLE

Navigating through the immigration landscape becomes easier with case laws and precedents to win. Registered migration agents sanctioned by the OMARA are required to undertake private tuition with Accredited Specialists. Lawyers needing CPD points will benefit from our study group.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 

Coming soon…