Seek protection Australia

If you are seeking protection in Australia,
the type of visa that you can apply for will depend
on your location and how you entered Australia.

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Whether you are in or outside of Australia, our team of dedicated and highly experienced lawyers and registered migration agents can assist with your application for a protection visa based on your claims for protection. We can review your claims and advise you in relation to your application. We also understand that the application process can be highly stressful for you and will facilitate the application process for you.

To learn about the specific requirements for each visa, and to find out which one is most suitable for you, contact us or fill out our form here.


If you are in Australia and arrived lawfully

Permanent Protection Visa (Subclass 866)


If you are in Australia and arrived unlawfully

  • Temporary Protection Visa (Subclass 785)

  • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (Subclass 790)


If you are outside of Australia

  • Refugee Visa (Subclass 200)

  • In-Country Special Humanitarian Visa (Subclass 201)

  • Global Special Humanitarian Programme Visa (Subclass 202)

  • Emergency Rescue Visa (Subclass 203)

  • Woman at Risk Visa (Subclass 204)


Reunite with Family

Do you have an Australian family member and want to migrate to Australia to reunite with them?


Seek Refuge

Are you suffering from harm in your home country or need to seek protection in Australia?