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assisting those in need

At Agape HenryCrux, we strongly believe that in order to maintain a society ruled by law, everyone must have access to legal/immigration representation and advice. A strong pro bono practice is at the centre of ensuring this fairness before the law, particularly with migration matters.

Migrating to Australia should be a pleasant experience, as there is the excitement of a new life, a new start and a new career in Australia. However, circumstances occasionally arise that implore members of the legal and migration professions to come to the assistance of those in need, who would be otherwise unable to afford or obtain legal assistance with their immigration matters. It is cases such as this that reinforce the importance of pro bono practice, from both a moral and professional standpoint. For this reason, for years we have provided pro bono aid to migrants who have nowhere else to turn.

If you have a need for immigration assistance which you cannot afford because of a disadvantage, please feel free to make an application with us for pro bono assistance by filling out the form on this page. Kindly note, our key focus area for pro bono practice are human rights. We please ask you to consider the needs of others and only apply if you genuinely require pro bono assistance.

What is Pro Bono?

“Pro bono” comes from the Latin phrase “pro bono publico” which means “for the public good”. In the legal context it generally means the provision of legal services on a free or significantly reduced fee basis, with no expectation of a commercial return.


AHC lawyers are uniquely different. We chose to make a difference, to help the disenfranchised. To do this, we must be in business. To be in business, we must be profitable.

- The Founders of Agape Henry Crux

Definition of Pro bono

In 1992 the Law Council of Australia developed the following definition of pro bono work:

Pro bono work is defined to include situations where:

  1. A lawyer, without fee or without expectation of a fee or at a reduced fee, advises and/or represents a client in cases where:

    1. a client has no other access to the courts and the legal system; and/or

    2. the client’s case raises a wider issue of public interest; or

  2. The lawyer is involved in free community legal education and/or law reform; or

  3. The lawyer is involved in the giving of free legal advice and/or representation to charitable and community organisations.

It covers not only legal advice and representation but also law reform and community education. It is limited to work done by lawyers and does not cover some kinds of assistance that firms may perform and capture as part of their broader corporate sustainability programs, such as the work of non-legal staff and/or the provision of financial or in-kind assistance to community organisations (such as community legal centres and Public Interest Law Clearing Houses).

The definition includes free and reduced-fee services and services performed “without expectation of a fee”. Chris Arup analysed, the phrase “without expectation of a fee” and lists the following as its advantages:

  • it excludes consideration of the difficult cases of conditional fee and contingency fee based services;

  • it excludes speculative work where the underlying motivation is commercial gain, albeit at a risk; and

  • it may possibly credit cases where the lawyer is taking a very real risk, essentially for the sake of the client.

agape henry crux - pro bono TEAM

Over the last decade, our lawyers have participated in a number of pro bono work, offering legal services to those who are disenfranchised and to non-for profit organisations. At present, these are our people who have volunteered their time to the greater cause:

Kris Ahn Avatar.png
koko avatar.png
images coming avatar.png

Kris Ahn
Accredited Specialist (Immigration Law)

Pro Bono Work

Hours: 50+ hours and counting
Areas of Law: immigration, human rights, international law
Volunteer Work:

Koko Aung
Graduate Associate

Pro Bono Work

Hours: 120+ hours and counting
Areas of Law: immigration, human rights, international law
Volunteer Work: HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC) and Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, Hwa Tsang Monastery

Jason Ling
Accredited Specialist (Immigration Law)

Pro Bono Work

Hours: 800+ hours and counting
Areas of Law: immigration, human rights, international, criminal law
Volunteer Work: Hillsong New Christian Team



Free Legal Advice

Our lawyer will give you a one-off free legal advice about your issues. A telephone session is generally 15-20 mins and a face to face session is generally 60 minutes. You will need to provide us with all the information you submitted and received from the Department of Immigration.

Free Legal Assistance

If our lawyers are able to assist you, you will receive a partial or whole fee reduction, however, you will still be responsible for the costs associated with your case. This may include (but not limited to), translation & interpreting services, application fees, briefing a barrister, etc

Non-For Profit Organizations

We are assist religious and non-religious non-for profit organizations. Please contact Jason Ling to learn more.

Community Legal Education

We hold educational events to help certain communities with similar issues. Stay tune for the next event.


Eligibility requirements

To meet the requirements for our pro bono services:

  1. Time sensitive matter - we are unable to take on last minute instructions.

  2. Financial difficulty vs expectations - you will be required to demonstrate that your expectations are realistic and that you experience genuine financial difficulties.

  3. Honesty & integrity - to uphold the integrity of the migration program, we will are unable to accept clients who are not forthright and truthful.

  4. You have been unsuccessful with Law Access, Legal Aid, RACS, Salvos Legal, Law Society Pro Bono Scheme and Community Legal Centres.

  5. Availability - our pro bono team have other commitments and have set aside a portion of their schedules to pro bono cases. their services are subject to their availability.



I was unlawful for more than 10 years. I approached several immigration lawyers, including accredited specialists, and none of them could help me. My situation was bad and I never thought I’d get a visa to stay in Australia lawfully. However, Jason and his team did everything in their power and worked with what little I had to get me PR. He even did it all for me for free. I am grateful for their help.

- Teresa

I was sentenced to go to jail for more than 1 year for a serious offence while I was on a student visa. My student visa expired while I was in jail. I couldn’t renew my student visa in jail so I became unlawful. I was sent to Villawood Detention Centre after my jail term ended. Jason and his team helped me get out of Villawood and even got me work permission which is quite impossible. I am thankful that they helped me for free.

- M.C

Agape Henry Crux helped us in seeking Ministerial Intervention to bring our 8 adopted children who are UNHCR refugees to Australia. They did this on a pro bono basis because they knew we couldn’t afford any more legal fees after multiple refusals. We thank God for them!

- Biak Family (Melbourne)