Legal team

The legal team comprises of lawyers, registered migration agents, legal assistants, migration coordinator, and legal interns. They are the crux of the firm and are often referred to as the fee earners. The resigned to a high pressured life, with long hours and immense amount of reading and drafting.

Operations & customer relations team

The operations & client relations team comprises of front-line staff, cook, waiters, masseuse, practice administrator, practice manager, client liaison, director of user experience (employee & clients), tech support, etc. They are responsible for enhancing the experience for our staff and clients.

finance & compliance team

The finance & compliance team comprises of finance director, accounting clerk, payroll officer, compliance officer, etc. They are tasked with matters related to finance and the regulatory compliance of legal professionals.

business development team

The business development team comprises of the business development manager, performance manager, graphic designed, web developer, social media manager, public relations coordinator, analysis (digital marketing), etc. This team is responsible for lead generation.