How Do We Charge?


Similar to the concept of ‘shopping malls’, Agape Henry Crux, provides the convenience for clients to shop around for legal representatives, types of services and prices to suit their needs.


If you’re on a budget, we have junior lawyers with lower rates. If you’re looking for free legal advice, some of our lawyers are open to pro bono cases. There are lawyers who are book-smart, while others are street-smart. 

The younger lawyers tend to be very fast & responsive, but a handful are slow (although they beg to differ, that slow & steady wins the race).

The older lawyers are usually more attentive and have a reputation of customer relations. But if money is no object, you can engage a bunch of them or all of them. The beautiful part is that if you find that your immigration lawyer does not meet your expectations, you have the option of changing immigration lawyers with different teams, without having to completely change law firms where they’d charge a significant amount as part of the initial fact finding and preliminary advice.

As a point of reference, depending on the complexity of your case and the immigration lawyer or lawyers you choose, you’re looking at approximately $1,000 to $10,000 + GST. Once we have assessed your situation more thoroughly and you’ve decided on the pathways we’ve laid out for you, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote and breakdown of fees.


Packages We Offer


You’re looking to save costs & wish to lodge your own application.


You rather leave the grinding to
the experts.


Your situation is complicated.


You’re a Registered Migration Agent
or Lawyer.


From $1,000 + GST


From: $4,000 + GST


From $6,000 + GST


From $6,000 + GST


GUIDANCE on preparation: face to face, written manuals with screenshots, instruction videos, remote viewing of our computers

SAMPLES for supporting documents

TIPS on getting Medicare & work permission

HUMAN ERROR CHECKS: Honest mistakes, eg. typo leads to 3 years ban

LEGAL CHECKS: The laws are approximately 900 pages. We use a “tick” to indicate what meets the laws, “x” to indicate what doesn’t meet the laws, “n/a” where the provision is not applicable to your circumstances (see example of Partner visa Laws and our legal checks)

FINAL CHECKS: Case officers have a level of discretion in refusing. Our Senior Lawyers with decades of receiving refusals acts as “Case Officers” to attack the application and provide a mock refusal decision 

REPORT with recommendation on how to increase the chances of success. Our team of lawyers read hundreds of appeal cases.


Everything from SILVER PACKAGE but we prepare everything for you

LETTER of ADVICE with issues, strategies, and options. We will also provide an assessment on your eligibility to all 107 Australian visas

LEGAL SUBMISSIONS to the Department, guiding the Case Officer how the Visa Applicant and Sponsor meet the legal criteria, citing legislation, policies, and judicial cases


Everything from GOLD PACKAGE

FOUR (4) EXPERIENCED LAWYERS are appointed on your case

Strategies are formulated by an ACCREDITED SPECIALIST (Immigration Law)

LEGAL SUBMISSIONS to the Department are signed by an ACCREDITED SPECIALIST (Immigration Law)


GUIDANCE from up to two (2) ACCREDITED SPECIALISTS (Immigration Law) on tactical strategies: face to face, telephone, remote viewing of our computers

Drafting PRECEDENTS for legal submissions



People Who Use This Service

Suitable for those who already possess a a good understanding of how to prepare a visa application. It is also suitable for those who opt cost-effective methods & DYI kits.

People Who Use This Service

For those who rather have the professionals do the heavy lifting. Choose this if your case is time-sensitive with little room for error.

People Who Use This Service

Get it right the first time. Engage our services to access the best immigration specialist in the country.

People Who Use This Service

Not for the faint-hearted. Maximise your prospective leads with minimal effort to submit legal submissions at the highest quality.


An Idea of our Professional Fees

To provide a rough idea of how much we charge, below is a summary table of popular services. The price indicated is reflective on a average fee. Our prices vary depending on:

  • amount of time required to prepare

  • the level of service you require

  • additional complexity in your circumstances

  • experience and qualification of the legal practitioner you choose

Type of ApplicationAverage Professional Fees
Partner Visafrom $2,000 + GST (per application)
Work Visafrom $2,500 + GST (per application)
Training Visafrom $2,500 + GST (per application)
Work Permissionfrom $1,000 + GST
Business Migrationfrom $7,000 + GST
General Skilled Migrationfrom $1,500 + GST
Appeal to AAT (Migration Division)from $2,500 + GST
Appeal to Courtsfrom $550 + GST (per hour)
Humanitarian Visafrom $2,000 + GST
Citizenship from $1,000 + GST
No Further Stay Waiverfrom $2,000 + GST
Ministerial Interventionfrom $2,000 + GST
Respond to Visa Cancellationfrom $2,500 + GST
Appeal To AAT (General Division)from $5,000 + GST
Release from Dentention Centrefrom $2,500 + GST

An increment of approximately $500 per application can be expected when you choose different level of seniority. The above prices are indicative of a Junior Associate which progresses to:

  • Senior Associate

  • Special Counsel

  • Practice Group Leader

  • Director

  • Accredited Specialist



Pay BY Installments

Subject to eligibility, you can enter into an arrangement to on a weekly basis. You will need to be lawfully employed in Australia.


Money for Jam provides personal loan which may be used for payment associated to a visa applications and appeals. For more information, visit their website:

Agape Henry Crux is not a partner of this company and do not endorse their services.


Zip money provides personal loan which may be used for payment associated to a visa applications and appeals. For more information, visit their website:

Agape Henry Crux is not a partner of this company and do not endorse their services.