Our History

Founded in 1979, the firm has grown from quite humble beginnings and have built a reputation as a law firm that fights to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. From the landmark legal cases we have won to the introduction of innovations such as Pay-Assist*, we have been determined to ensure that more migrants are able to access affordable legal services, no matter where they are.


The Year Was…..

….and this Happened


Henry Tony & Co. opened their doors in Ipoh, Malaysia, specializing in property law & civil litigation.


The birth of Henry Lim & Co is the defining moment Henry Lim departed Henry Tong & Co where it continues to dominate conveyancing & property transactions at the ending leg of the mining boom in Ipoh, Malaysia.


Henry Lim & Co opens it 2nd branch in Kuala Lumpur and secures Malaysia’s largest developers & banks as clients.


Henry Lim & Co opens it 3rd branch in Penang and secures the largest development in northern Malaysia.


Henry Lim & Co begins its scholarship program for it’s staff, to complete an Australian Law degree at Bond University, Queensland.


Maxim Legal begins trading as an incorporate legal practice in Sydney, Australia and opens its first office in World Square. Sydney, Australia.


Agape Immigration begins trading as an immigration company and opens its first office in Sussex St. Sydney, Australia.


Agape Immigration merges with Maxim Legal.


Agape & Maxim moves to be closer to AAT at Clarence St. Sydney NSW 2000.


Agape & Maxim takes over the office of Minter Ellison at Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 the heart of the legal precinct.


Henry Lim & Co merges with Agape Immigration, bringing Agape Henry & Co with a penthouse-level office boasting close to a thousand square meters of uninterrupted 360 degrees view of Sydney’s skyline.


Crux Migration begins trading as an immigration law firm and opens its first office in George St. Sydney, Australia. It is spearheaded by one of the 37 Accredited Specialists (Immigration Law) in New South Wales.


Agape Henry & Co receives their own Accredited Specialists (Immigration Law).


Agape Henry & Co makes a power move, merging with Crux Migration in a bid to highlight its unique value proposition by having two of an exclusive 41 Accredited Specialists (Immigration Law) in New South Wales.