Agape (noun) Origin:

Greek, Christian love as distinct from romantic love or simple affection. Pronounced ‘a-ga-pe’

Who Are We

Agape Henry Crux has had many names. Once called Agape Immigration, then Agape Henry & Co and at present Agape Henry Crux.

It is a growing and dynamic law firm specialising in immigration law. From humble beginnings in World Square to the former floor of Minter Ellison at the prestige legal precinct at the heart of Sydney CBD, our head office has now relocated to a penthouse level, with a panoramic view of Sydney’s beautiful skyline. Our head office takes up close to 1000 sqm with rooms with playstation, pool table, massage therapy room and our very own in-house chef for our colleagues.

Our team continues to build a reputation as winners. Exceeding your expectations is our passion, and we take our passion very seriously.

Our clients are our best spokespeople and we let them do the talking for us. We are results-driven professionals who have got to where we are today by providing unparalleled levels of personally tailored service to our clients. We boast a team of multi-lingual immigration lawyers, who are wholly committed to providing businesses and individuals the most efficient strategies and pathways to cater for their immigration needs.

With the constant amendments to the immigration framework in Australia, we know first-hand how important it is to have a team of experienced professionals who are with you every step of the way. You will not be kept out of the loop with your case and we will do everything within the scope of the law to get the positive outcome you are after.

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Our Services

While we are lawyers and some have practised other areas of law, we choose to focus on in Australian Immigration Law. We strive to be the best and to do so, we make a conscious effort to shy away from the stigma of ‘Jack of all trades, master at none’ general practitioners are known for.

Our Specialty

Our focus is in audit & compliance but the ‘aftermath’ work is often where we find ourselves.

We find ourselves focusing in area that not many practitioners like to be in. This helped us build a reputation in helping over-stayers and people subject to removals and deportation .

Where there is a decision that can be challenged, it can be certain that one of our lawyers is there.

Agape Culture.JPG

Our Culture

To be Agape Henry Crux, our colleagues have one thing in common, we share the same vision and culture:

  1. “I got your back”

  2. Eager to learn

  3. Responsive

  4. No Boundaries

  5. Competitive & Ambitious

  6. 24/7

  7. Responsible

How our Troops are Trained

We are a very young team and we select new team members based on whether they fit within the culture of the firm. Many of us receive intensive and hands-on training from the beginning of the career. It is also because of this ‘training program’ that many of us are headhunted to larger firms who do not have resources for a structured training program similar to what we are able to provide. Therefore, in order to minimize disruption to the operation of the firm, ‘loyalty’ is a very crucial factor in our selection process.

You can refer to here to see our Reading Program designed for the intensive 14 week training.