Sponsor Monitoring

If you are an approved sponsor, the Department of Home Affairs has the power to monitor your compliance with the sponsor obligations.

Immigration inspectors have a number of powers, including:

  • Power to enter business premises or other places where records are kept

  • Power to interview any persons while at the premises

  • Power to inspect any work, process or object at the premises

  • Power to  inspect, and make copies of, any record or document (including electronic documents) kept on the premises

  • Power to request access to records at the premises

  • Power to request production of records within a specified period

If you are being monitored, it is highly recommended that you have a legal representative to deal with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf, in order to minimise the risks of sanctions associated with non-compliance. Even if you have been non-compliant in the past, you should still take steps to mitigate or rectify the non-compliance before the Department takes formal action against your organisation.

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