Our Choice of Charities

We love God because even though we deserve nothing, He gave us everything


Hillsong Church & Foundation

Hillsong is a Christian church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people. They have a heart for authentic worship, are passionate about the local church, and are on mission to see God’s kingdom established across the earth. The founders and several team members of Agape Henry Crux practise tithing.

In addition, Agape Henry Crux donates 10 percent of its earnings to Hillsong’s foundation, Heart for the House with the purpose of reaching and influencing the world by building a large Christ-centered, Bible-based church, changing mindsets and empowering people to lead and impact in every sphere of life.

Click here to give or find out more on the initiatives of Hillsong Foundation.


The World Wide Fund for Nature is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1961, working in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment. It was formerly named the World Wildlife Fund. WWF's mission is to halt the decline of threatened plants and animals and to support their recovery. They do this by addressing the threats that affect them using the best available science while working in partnership with communities, Indigenous groups, government and business.

WWF is currently focussing on sustainable fisheries, resilient marine ecosystems and clean oceans. The health of our reefs and surrounding oceans means reducing threats to the sharks, rays, penguins, cetaceans and marine turtles that these animals call home.

Their drive is to promote a sustainable food system that will conserve nature and feed humanity. We’re looking to reduce waste and environmental impact that contribute to social and economic outcomes.

Agape Henry Crux supports WWF by making monthly donations. Click here to learn more or make a donation.



Compassion International

Compassion International is a Christian humanitarian aid child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world. Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty. Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play and grow. In its ugliest form, poverty can lead to exploitation, child labour and even death. It's unacceptable.

That's why the Child Sponsorship Program exists. Because more powerful than poverty is the hope of Jesus, the care of a local church and the encouragement of a loving sponsor.

Agape Henry Crux sponsors a number of children under this program. To learn more or to sponsor a child, click here.


Bible Study Fellowship is an international Christian interdenominational or parachurch fellowship of lay people offering a system of structured bible study. It was begun in 1959 by Audrey Wetherell Johnson, a British evangelist to China. Each week thousands of groups meet in more than 70 countries for chapter-by-chapter Bible study, including the founders of Agape Henry Crux.

We give a small amount so that these study group are self-sufficient. Click here to learn more .