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ecruiting Immigrants Solves Employment-related issues.

The Crux of “R.I.S.E”

  • Decrease in-house cost and increase net profit margin

  • Using immigration law as the principal apparatus

Why “R.I.S.E”?

  • Attract loyal, respectful, hardworking and appreciative workers

  • Reduce overhead expenses

  • Eliminate fraudulent Worker’s Compensation Claims

  • Prevent labour strike & the associated repercussions

  • Assist tax minimisation

  • No superannuation contributions

  • eliminating issues related to redundancy

  • Mitigate Fair Work complaints

  • Strategic planning addressing recent changes to Immigration laws

  • Expedite and streamline visa processing to engage foreign workers quicker

  • Provide staff with ancillary immigration services

  • Not subject to Australian employment law

history of “R.I.S.E”

R.I.S.E was developed and implemented by Jason Ling, co-founder of Agape Henry Crux. The birth of R.I.S.E was formed through Jason’s ongoing experience with his own staff who are self-entitled and demands higher remuneration and compensation with little input. Of course, wanting to have control over his employees and hoping this would stretch their loyalty, Jason provided them what they wanted. The results were spoiled employees who didn’t appreciate what they were given, sleepless nights, piled up work, and high payroll.

This transformed to R.I.S.E. – employing staff from offshore e.g. Malaysians who speak 3 languages, appreciative of what they are given and thankful for an opportunity of a life time. The benefit? There is no promise of PR as a reward, there is no Australian employment obligation, there is no tax and you pay them in their local currencies.


The win? Decrease costs and increase net profit margin.

how does “R.I.S.E” work?

  • Sponsor workers on Staff Exchange visa (visa can be granted for up to 2 years)

  • Pay wages in the country they are exchange from during the 2-year period

  • After 2 years - assess their performance and consider them for Training visa

  • Training visa can be granted for up to 2 years. There is no obligation to continue employment contractual relationship after visa expiry date, hence you will not be subject to employment law in Australia

  • The first 2 years pay in their local currencies, plus in the next 2 years pay them at minimum wage with no occupation specified while on the Training visa – they become jack of all trade, master of none.

  • After 4 years, once they have proven they accountability for the business, consider sponsoring the workers under the employer sponsored work visa

  • At 8 years mark all together, PR is considered if they meet contractual obligations and KPIs, as a reward to reciprocate their loyalty

Other Benefits of “R.I.S.E”

  • Pay wages in the country they exchange from

  • No subject to Australian employment law

  • Sponsor domestic workers

  • Sponsor workers and send them off to work for other employers. These new employers pay them directly

  • No English language requirements

  • No qualification requirements

  • No occupation lists

  • No minimum wage requirements

  • No taxes

  • No exorbitant application fees

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Agape offers a range of services for businesses and organisations.

Standard Business Sponsor

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Labour Agreement (industry)

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Temporary Activities Sponsor

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Designated Area (DAMA)

DAMA program flexibly responds to economic & labour conditions which are absent from the standard programs. [read more]

Accredited Sponsorship

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On-hire Agreement

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Labour Agreement (company)

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Special Program Agreement

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Delivering Our Services

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Stories from those who used R.I.S.E

Pascal Lorange.jpeg

Pascal Lorange

I was the personal chef to presidents, royalties, dignitaries, and celebrities. Having set up eateries on L.A and N.Y.C, I'm here in Australia setting up health food businesses. R.I.S.E is an ingenious way for us to minimise overhead expenses as the food business is a number game.



As our products require workers with unique talents found in Japan, Taiwan and China, R.I.S.E was the answer to overcome our foreign worker's lack of English and formal qualifications. Most importantly, the answer to staff retention without having to be subjected to the high salary requirements of the normal work visa program.

Alan Hong (CPA)

We utilise R.I.S.E for overseas graduates requiring internship and we're now looking into using it for our deserving candidates wishing to complete their CPA with my firm.

The Big 4s

It is rumoured that the Big 4s became the largest Australian migration company through their urge of wanting to decrease costs by moving processing in-house. Currently, the Big-4s in Australia are the only firms that are involved in Immigration law.  

The Australian Government

The Australian government are the biggest organisation that recruits offshore migrants to save in-house costs.