Responding to Department of Immigration

request for more INFORMATION

When does Department of Immigration send request letters?

Generally, the Department of Immigration send requests letters before they make a decision, such as:

  • Request for more information to finalise an application (discretionary)

  • Request for your comments if they have adverse information that you may not know (mandatory)

  • Request for your response as to why they should not cancel your visa

 What are the time limits to respond?

Type of RequestTime to RespondExtension of Time
Request for more information (s.56)28 calendar days7 calendar days
Opportunity to Comment Adverse Information (s.57)28 calendar days7 calendar days
Notice to Consider Cancellation (s.109 grounds)14 calendar days 0
Notice to Consider Cancellation (s.116 grounds)5 working days5 working days
Notice to Consider Cancellation (s.501 grounds)28 calendar days0

What happens if you fail to respond within time limit?

The Department of Immigration will proceed to make an unfavourable decision once the prescribed time limits has lapsed. In some cases, the Department cannot consider information that is provided beyond the 28 days time limit. Once a decision is made, the Department cannot reopen the case or revisit the decision. You may be exposed to overstaying without a visa.

Our Expertise

Despite strict time limits, our years of experience have taught us how to achieve a result similar to an extension of time even though the laws do not permit. Our Accredited Specialists have also been successful in seeking the Department vacate an unfavourable decision. This recourse is more costs-effective and quicker than seeking a review.