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Take the first step, tell us your goal and find out if you are eligible. This is a free assessment valued at several hundred of dollars.


discuss strategy

Meet with us over a cup of coffee to discuss the pathways available to you. It’s always best to meet in person at our HQ where our boardrooms are equipped to present you with tactical solutions:

  1. short-term plan

  2. mid-term plan

  3. long-term plan

With the variety of pathways we present to you, we find that using a simple process of elimination helps our clients with their decision. Things to consider:

  • slow or fast?

  • easy or difficult?

  • cheap or expensive?

execute plan

Our lawyers will table a mutually suitable schedule, with the most important a lodgement date. We’ll hold your hand in the preparation of supporting evidence and explain the process so that you’d know what to expect.


If you feel that we’ve done a good job or you appreciate how difficult it was to achieve your goal, sharing your story motivates us to continue changing lives. With the current immigration landscape, sharing your journey with others is helpful. We like to call it a support network, where we help each other get through difficult times.


An Overview of Our Workflow

STAGE 1Prospective EnquiryOn receiving a prospective enquiry, it will get assigned to a lawyer who specializes the specific area of immigration law
STAGE 2Respond Prospective EnquiryWithin 24 hours, our specialist will be in touch to illicit all relevant information to enable broader advice & options.
STAGE 3ConsultationRegardless of whether it is face-to-face, telephone, or video conferencing (with remote view), we'll work out a number of pathways and strategies for you.
STAGE 4Follow-UpPost-initial consultation, the allocated lawyer will follow up with you to address all the questions you have.
STAGE 5Terms & ConditionsUsing a simple process of elimination, we hope to work out with you a scope of instructions you wish for us to carry out.
STAGE 6Costs AgreementOne receiving the return of our Costs Agreement, signifies an agreement of the terms & conditions of our retainer.
STAGE 7Hand-HoldOur office gives you a courtesy follow-up to minimize the daunting period that generally comes with experiencing the process.
STAGE 8File Management (Internal)On receiving a deposit, our office creates an account to begin managing your case.
STAGE 9Accounting (Internal)Your payment will be receipt and communicated to you for record purposes.
STAGE 10Document ChecklistWe will send you a letter confirming intructions along with a list of documents required.
STAGE 11Customer Service GuidanceYour allocated team will reach out to explain verbally the contents of the email containing the list of documents.
STAGE 12Set RemindersYour team will set 4 reminders to each important event, 21 days prior, 14 days prior, 7 days prior and lastly, the day before. This includes date documents are to be received and lodgement date.
STAGE 13Refine Documents ReceivedThis stage is said to be the most cumbersome with communication going back and forth, in refining the supporting documents to an optimum state.
STAGE 14Letter of AdviceGenerally, you will receive a formal letter of advice, reiterating any verbal advice which is accompanied with an elaborated version of advice within 48 hours of payment made.
STAGE 15Tax Invoice - Part 1As the advice is the primary part of our retainer, on the completion of that block of service, you will receive a tax invoice from our account's department for that part of our services.
STAGE 16Courtesy Reminder - Supporting DocumentsAs we understand that life can get busy, our office extends a courtesy reminding services unless you opt out of it.
STAGE 17Forms & Supporting DoumentsWith the information you provide, our office will put together a first draft of forms & supporting documents for the author to settle.
STAGE 18Confirmation of LodgmentOur office prepares a Confirmation of Lodgment package containing all the information that we intend on submitting. You are required to check the contents to be accurate and amend where necessary.
STAGE 19Legal SubmissionsOur office prepares legal submissions using case laws and persuasive Tribunal cases to argue your case.
STAGE 20Human Error The material that is intended on being logded goes to the 1st lawyer who performs a human error check against all other documents to ensure that there are no mistakes which may lead to 3-years bar.
STAGE 21Legal CheckThe 2nd lawyer proceeds with a check against all the legislation & policy to ensure that every criterion is marked as "met" or "not met" or "not applicable"
STAGE 22Refine DocumentsAfter providing you with the feedback of the 1st and 2nd lawyers, we will assist you with refining the accuracy of those information.t
STAGE 23Final CheckThe 3rd lawyer who is usually the most senior, steps in the shoes of a decision-maker to attack your case from a subjective perspective.
STAGE 24Lodge + UploadThis is where we finally lodge your application and upload all the supporting documents.
STAGE 25Notify Client + AccountsWe will send you evidence of lodgement and once our accounts department is notified of the last block of services, the 2nd tax invoice is rendered to you.
STAGE 26Keep Clients PostedWe will keep you updated of the process so that you do not need to worry.
STAGE 27Immigration Requests for InformationIf the Department of Home Affairs makes a request for more information, this means that there is a chance your application mayt be refused. Therefore, all new infomration submitted will go through the 3-point checks and will be accompanied with a 2nd legal submissions.
STAGE 28DecisionOn receiving a decision , you will be sure to hear from our office very soon because this is where we ask you for a testimonial & Google review.
STAGE 29Close File + RemindersOn completing your matter, you will receive a Statement of Service confirming the services we completed. Do not be alarm as it looks like a tax invoice but no further payment is required (if you made pre-payment to our Clients' or Trust Account). Your file will remain with us for 7 years and thereafter it will be destroyed.
STAGE 30Reminder Next ServiceWe'll also set courtesy reminders 6 months in advance for the next step. This allows just the right amount of time to prepare.