Overview for Individual Clients

Planning to migrate to Australia?

  • Appealing a cancellation or refusal?

  • Applying for your Australian permanent residency or citizenship?

  • These are some of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

That’s where we step in. Whether you are a student visa holder who wishes to obtain permanent residency in the quickest way possible, a migrant whose visa application or appeal has recently been refused, an individual with a criminal record who feels that there is no hope for ever working and living in Australia…. we are here to assist you. Every case is different and we know how important it is for you to be in safe hands. Let one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents assess your eligibility for your next step towards citizenship.

We have a reputation for achieving results for individuals where other agencies have told them “not possible”. If you want to be assisted by a team who will always have your goals in mind, please get in touch.

The following are the main categories individual clients usually seek assistance on. If you don’t know what suits your situation best, book in a consultation so that we can canvass all the pathways available to you and strategize short to long term goals.


There are a number of applications that can be made. Applying for Australia visas and citizenship is the most popular. In addition to this, one can also apply to access information under the Freedom of Information, sponsor family, seek work permission, etc.


Individual decisions or actions by government departments or public officials are covered by administrative law. They are usually made with statutory power. Decision-makers are required to abide by the common law concept of natural justice and afford procedural fairness. Actions by the Minister may be challenged at the judicial courts.


If the Department makes a decision which is unfavourable, it is sometimes possible to seek a review of that decision. There are a number of different bodies which can review a migration decision. The 2 main types of review are merits review and judicial review. Other types of review options include, seeking the Minister for Immigration’s personal intervention, as well as an investigation by independent organisations like the Commonwealth Ombudsman, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, and the Privacy Commissioner.


It is always important to know the information the Department possess in preparing an application or appeal. Certain information are prevented by law from being disclosed. Where a decision-maker fails to disclose the existence of certain information taints the quality of the decision-making.


Where applicants do not satisfy the Department that certain legal criteria is met, they may seek further information by way of interview or in writing. In cases where there are adverse information that the applicant may not be aware of, it may be mandatory for the Department to seek further comment. This includes visa holders subject to visa cancellations.


Health, character, unlawful non-citizens, deportation, removals, defective notification, fraud, immigration offences, unreasonable delay in visa processing, one fail-all fail rule, investigations, etc are long tedious matters usually require specialised legal experience.