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Our Strategy

Agape Henry Crux takes preemptive measures to ensure that our clients are positioned globally and locally in today’s rapid environment brought by changes to immigration laws & policies. We strive to meet our client’s expectation to high quality, seamless service delivered faster, cheaper and better . Global accessibility is paramount to our strategy to protect the challenges and opportunities created under Australian political agendas.

In this immigration climate, we have created Agape Henry Crux, Australia’s true polycentric, law firm, to meet these challenges.

Our vision is our investment on the new generation of multi-cultural lawyers, born and bred in Australia with an array of lateral talent and multi-lingual. We choose lawyers presenting formal I.Q tests, graduates from Australia’s best law school, The University of Melbourne and University of Sydney. Our troops are well-traveled and take pride in self-presentation. We operate as the law firm of the future and we are constantly reinventing our business through growth and integrating with strategic alliances. Through the strategic merger of 3 firms, we are uniquely different as we are home to 2 of NSW’s 41 Accredited Specialists in Immigration Law, both in their 30’s.

Our obsession with new technologies and capitalizing on talent management allows us agility in serving our clients. Through the collaborative innovation platform focused on developing, deploying, and investing in new technologies and processes we transform the delivery of legal services in en having value for and the experience of our clients.

Let us gain your confidence through:

Migration representation matters
— Kris Ahn (Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law)


We appreciate the business that life already offers, and therefore making the work flow easier makes that extra difference.

We bring the means of file-sharing, digitally signed legal documents and remote viewing of our computer to the convenience of your world.


We love it when our clients compare us to their friends where we are said to assist our clients save money.

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We understand the complexity in the process and the fear that naturally comes with the journey. Therefore, we make it a point to explain the whole process from the start in 3 forms, in writing, in person and periodically over the phone as a reminder.

Under circumstances that are beyond our control, we tend to curate contingency plans and run them in parallel to the main strategy.


Legal talk is what we refer as ‘verbal diarrhea’. Apart from guides, we feel the importance of proving samples, templates and ultimately assist with preparation and for our clients to amend and settle.


Speed is the defining factor in the migration game.


It is often the case that our clients begin to feel anxious when their cases appear to be static. Therefore, here at Agape Henry Crux, we’d like to reach out to you first before you do. This way, you know we care more than you.


Our Customer Experience (CX)

What we deliver

Australian Immigration Law is stressful, confusing and expensive. The laws for immigration are always changing therefore it can be difficult for you to keep track of the current legal requirements for your visa subclass. The visa application process may not be as straightforward as it may seem and it is very common for people to overlook certain requirements. But at Agape we have a solution to YOUR visa problems through our EXCLUSIVE customer experience.

We will take on all the confusing and stressful experience of Australian Immigration Law and provide YOU with guidance on how you can achieve your migration goal. We have experience with a range of visa subclasses, ranging from Partner Visa all the way to Skilled Migration Visas, and in particular appeal cases.

What do we offer

At Agape we offer EXCLUSIVE Customer Experience to ALL of our Loyal Customers. We will ensure that you will be able to relax whilst we handle everything for you.

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What we value

We aim to exceed our client's expectations and deliver on what we promise. We are committed to doing everything we can to achieve the best outcomes for each individual and provide the best migration representation. Our values are summed up in 3 simple points:

  • Fight for your client and respect them as you would with your own family

  • Take lead and be intuitive to your client’s needs

  • Empathy

Our Champion Fighters

Working with Agape Henry Crux, you will have the opportunity to work with the top legal talent in the world.

Agape Henry Crux. Our people make us different.