Visitor Visa Refused

I came to Agape Immigration seeking for a solution get a Visitor Visa for my partner overseas. I had previously handled the Visitor Visa application myself and had previously received a refusal. I came to Agape hoping to find a solution and indeed I got one. During the initial consultation, Agape provided me with ease of mind through advice and reassurance, showed their understanding of the law, did their research on my matter and encouraged me to try again for my partner although there had been a previous refusal.

The team at Agate managed to squeeze my case into their tight schedules, reviewed and checked my documents, completed a lengthy and detailed submissions, passed my application through their internal three-point-check systems and lodged my application all within 10 working days. There were times where I got confused because I did not understand why it would take them all this time to prepare a visa application, but now it all makes sense.  It was definitely not an easy process from the beginning but because of their hard work and professionalism, my partner now has been granted with her Visitor Visa and I cannot wait for her to visit me!

Agape is not cheap, however they are do-ers that deliver real result that you desire.  I must thank the whole Agape team for what they have done for me and my partner. I highly recommend the Agape team to all my friends and families who are in need of Migration Services.

- Baby Lyn & Jason Johnson