No English - Not Genuine (PR)

Agape Immigration has helped me with my immigration path to Australia. They have guided me through my nomination and visa applications under Employer Nomination (Subclass 186) Visa. They provided timely advice for me to lodge the 186 visa application before all the changes of law that occurred in 2017/2018. I was still able to apply despite not knowing English. My family and I are now permanent residents. I really appreciate their guidance because I’m now able to stay in Australia. I really appreciate their professionalism and their dedication in providing the best migration services. I am glad that I trusted them and followed their guidance and suggestion to apply.

Agape Immigration在我澳大利亚的移民路径帮助了许多。他们指导我完成了雇主提名(子类186)签证下的提名和签证申请。在2017/2018年发生的所有法律变更之前,他们及时向我提出186签证申请。尽管不懂英语,我仍然可以申请 并得到PR。我和我的家人现在是永久居民。我非常感谢他们的指导,因为我现在能够留在澳大利亚。我非常感谢他们的专业精神和他们在提供最佳移民服务方面的奉献精神。我很高兴我信任他们并遵循他们的指导和建议申请。

- Ridong XIE