457 Visa Granted for 4 Years

Thank you so much to the Agape Immigration team and Davin Hartanto in particular for such an amazing job regarding my 457 visa. Davin was extremely helpful and always available whenever I had questions. Rapid response rate and he knew my case so well. Clear instructions and kept well informed.
Agape Imigration and team came to help me not only once but two times with my 457 visa and have been successfull in all applications. Just a few days ago I was informed that my 457 visa has been granted. Basically, according to latest regulation I’m suppose to get 2 years visa regarding my occupation as a cook, but I can’t believe my visa was granted 4 years until 2022. I guess, we will be in touch shortly when it will be time to apply for my Australian residency.

BIG THANKS to Agape Immigration team and Davin in particular.

-Sandy Ryandy Adiwibowo

IT Agape