Seeking Solution for PR

My family and I came to Agape Immigration seeking for a solution to permanently migrate to Australia. I had three children and really wanted to settle in Australia as soon as possible and was really clueless about what I need to do because I heard that most of the Permanent Visas require English, but I was not so confident with my English. Agape provided me with ease of mind through advice and reassurance, showed their understanding of the law, did their research on my matter and encouraged me to try for the Employer Nomination Scheme.

Throughout these years, Agape continued to advise me on the best pathway amidst the ever-changing laws. They continued to predict the law changes correctly which allowed me to act fast before the changes took place. We also had to prepare a lot of documentation but Agape was always there to help us and guide us. They also have a very tight procedure where they have three lawyers check through the application and the supporting documents to ensure nothing is inaccurate or misleading because they constantly reminded me that providing false or misleading information to the Department is an offence. I completely trusted the advice of the lawyers at Agape.

After we lodged our applications, the team at Agape would still constantly provide me with updates and the process was very smooth. When my family and I were experiencing difficulties in providing overseas police checks and were concerned about whether this would cause further complications to my case, Agape promptly acted upon hearing my concerns and successfully asked an extension from the Department for me to produce those checks.

It was definitely not an easy process from the beginning but because of their hard work and professionalism, we finally got the permanent residency visas after almost three years since we started preparing for the applications.

I must thank the whole Agape team for what they have done for me and my family. I highly recommend the Agape team to all my friends and families who are in need of Migration Services.

-Syndy Lai

IT Agape