Student Visa Refusal

I came to Agape Immigration after my student visa application had been refused by the Department. Agape provided me with ease of mind through advice and reassurance, showed their understanding of the law, did their research on my matter and encouraged me to appeal for the decision. They showed me how I could win the appeal. And as they had advised, we won the AAT without having to go to hearing.

When the decision got remitted to the Department, they came back saying I didn’t meet another legal requirement which was the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria. Under the advice of a friend and another migration agent, I lodged a permanent visa application without letting Agape know. This was a serious mistake because Agape told me it really affected the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement and they would have advised me differently had they known about this.

The Department now felt I may not meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement  because I had applied for permanent residency and had been in Australia for over 10 years already. Calvin and Adele kept warning me that I would most likely fail because of both those issues and would need to appeal it to the AAT again. Despite letting them know about my full situation late, Adele and the team was able to help me devise a strategy to address the issues. They drafted legal submissions with case laws that were similar to my case. Without them, I know I would not be able to address the Department’s concerns.

Because of their hard work, my student visa is now successfully granted by the Department after less than one (1) week after submitting all my supporting documents and submissions. The grant of this visa will allow me to stay in Australia for about 12 years which is not common for student visa holders. I cannot imagine what I would be doing right now if I did not listen to their advices, and now I would probably be appealing my refused student visa again, and would incur much more money and time. Agape’s prices are not cheap but now I can understand why they charge so much. It’s for their knowledge and experience. In the long run, it still saved me money.

I cannot thank enough for what Agape has done for me and my families and would highly recommend the Agape team to all my friends and families who are in need of Migration Services.


IT Agape