Permanent Partner Visa Granted Due to Family Violence

I'd like to dedicate my sincere thanks to all the Agape Immigration lawyers especially Adele for all the effort she has put in to make this happen for the approval of my Partner visa. My relationship with my partner ceased. The Department was informed about it. Last year, I was requested by the Department to comment. I tried to do it myself but failed. I was lucky to be given a second chance to respond and I left it in Agape’s hands. I was threatened by my partner that if my spousal relationship ended, I would have to go back to my home country. I thought that there was no chance for me to stay in Australia. Agape advised me that I should not suffer these threats and they could get me a PR immediately. After responding to the Department’s request letter, I got my PR within a week! The effort made by Agape team is highly appreciated. They guided me through the process. Due to my last-minute instructions, I received constant support and advice from Agape team even after office hours. Thank you Agape!

- Julie TEOH