Lifting the 10 Year Bar (PIC 4020) With No Waiver

I was affected by a 10 year bar (PIC 4020) with no waiver. I sought help from other lawyers and waited for 3 years with no result. I contacted Agape Henry Crux for help because that lawyer was uncontactable and did not provide much help. Agape told me there was not much hope but they could help me fight it. I trusted them and let them do what they needed to do. In a few months, they penetrated what was impossible and got rid of my 10 year bar. I am elated about this news and could not recommend any better immigration lawyer for anyone else. Thanks team!

我受到10年禁止進入澳洲(PIC 4020)而沒有辦法豁免。 我尋求其他律師的幫助,等了3年都沒有結果。 我聯繫了Agape Henry Crux尋求幫助,因為之前那位律師很難聯絡並沒有提供太多幫助。 Agape告訴我沒有多少希望,但他們可以盡力打它。 我信任他們,讓他們做他們需要做的事。 幾個月後,他們做到了不可能的事情,擺脫了我10年的禁止。 我對此消息感到高興,並且不能為其他任何人推薦任何更好的移民律師。 謝謝團隊!

- Jojo