The following are common reasons why the Department of Immigration may cancel your Australian visa.

  1. You’ve provided false, misleading or bogus documents/information in your visa application

  2. You’ve breached your visa conditions, for example:

    • working more than 20 hours per fortnight while holding a Student visa, or

    • you have not been attending your classes or you have failed your courses while holding a student visa, or

    • you have not been living and working in a regional area

  3. If you are a holder of a Partner visa or Prospective Marriage visa the Department may cancel your visa if your relationship has ended

  4. You have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment for more than 1 year

  5. You have stopped working for your employer who has sponsored you to live and work in Australia (for example, while holding visa subclass 482)




In most circumstances, the Department of Immigration will issue you a Notification of Intention to Consider Cancellation (“NOICC”). You will be given a limited time period to respond and explain why you think your visa should not be cancelled. If this happens, it is strongly advised that you contact an experienced Immigration Lawyer ASAP to assist you with the process.

If your visa had already been cancelled, you may still be able to appeal the Department’s decision at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). This also requires you to appeal within a certain time period after your visa is cancelled. Limited time applies. Don’t wait - contact an experienced Immigration Lawyer ASAP.

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