Appeal NOICC and Visa Cancellation

THEY ARE GOOD!!! HELPED ME RESPONSE NOICC AND SUCCESSFULLY NOT GET MY VISA CANCELLED. I resigned employment under 457 working visa after partner visa lodged. My partner bridging visa A will be cancelled if the 457 been cancelled. When I enquired a lot of agents on what I could do after receiving the NOICC, everyone told me it was impossible. I only had one objective and that was for my visa not to be cancelled. Luckily I found Agape Immigration who immediately provided me a very creative strategy that no one else thought of. Despite the short amount of time given to them, they finalised very lengthy legal submissions. Today, we received notification that the Department accepted their legal submissions and decided not to cancel my visa anymore. I’m impressed that they came up with the strategy and executed it perfectly under such strict time conditions. It is worth to get such a good lawyer! Thanks to Adele and her team. They’ve been great help and professional.

-Lei ZHU