Easy Pathway for Business Visa

My family and I came to Agape Immigration whilst we were on student visas, looking for a possible way to migrate to Australia. We were met with a lot of law changes at the time so we tried a lot of pathways. They kept advising us to do a lot of different applications which they said were different strategies. It was a very difficult decision for us to keep try everything they told us to because it was so costly. We kept saying that they were treating us like ATMs, and we even thought of giving up halfway.

Our application involved self-sponsorship from our own company, a family business with only two employees, we had no English. We fought all the way to AAT. I really thank Agape for continuing to convince us to keep trying because now we successful got the nomination approved. We weren’t very well prepared for the hearing and answered some questions incorrectly, but Adele, our representative, was able to explain correctly to the Member and corrected our mistakes. A lot of our applications got refused but this time, we got direct PR nomination application approved. We are just waiting for the visa to be approved too then we would become permanent residents.

They are super expensive, but they are very experienced and prepare everything very well.  I cannot thank enough for what Agape have done for my family, they had truly fought their best to win an always impossible case, not only was I self-sponsored at a high salary, I also did not provide any evidence of English. I would highly recommend Jason, Adele and the whole Agape team to all my friends and families who are in need of Migration Services. I would rather choose Agape than some other cheaper migration agencies because I know I am paying for quality service and the best customer service that money can buy. I know I could trust Agape to deliver the results I want!

-Cheng Lim Saw

IT Agape