Overstayed on Work Visa

I was referred by another agent to come to Agape for help when I noticed that I have accidentally overstayed on my previous visa. Before I came to Agape, I had been advised by the other migration agent about the potential consequences and detriments of me overstaying my visas and what this might have affected my future Subclass 482 visa applications. During the initial consultation, Agape provided me with ease of mind through advice and reassurance, showed their understanding of the law, did their research on my matter and told me that they knew how to help me.

The team at Agape managed to squeeze my case into their tight schedules, reviewed and checked my documents, and lodged my application the next day. They also prepared the rest of the supporting documents within 10 working days.

Agape is definitely not cheap, however, they are real fighters who truly care for their clients and do not fear challenges. I would really want to thank the whole team for their efforts in my wife’s and my application, now I get to start my new chapter in my life with my wife in this beautiful country!

-Desmond H

IT Agape