Student Visa Subject to Refusal Due to PIC 4020

“We contacted Agape Henry Crux for urgent help with my sister’s student visa application when she received a natural justice letter stating that her visa was subject to refusal because of PIC 4020. The reason PIC 4020 applied was due to a small mistake of not declaring her previous student visa refusal. As a result of PIC 4020, my sister was about to be subject to a 3 year ban from being granted any visa in Australia. After completing high school, my sister was looking forward to starting her studies in a Bachelor of Pharmacy, but the uncertainty of her current visa application was rocky. PIC 4020 is notorious for being complex and difficult to be successful in, however, the team assisted us in addressing the issue with a legal submission to the Department! The team at Agape are obviously experienced and specialise in handling complex matters such as these, thank you!”

- Kiara