Student Visa Exposed to PIC 4020 and PIC 4013 But Overcame With Partner Visa Strategy

“I went to Agape for help with my Student Visa when I was being exposed to both PIC 4013 and PIC 4020.  I was really worried because I know both those legal requirements carry a lengthy ban on my future visa applications. Nonetheless, the team at agape realised that there is small window of opportunity that I have and realised that I may also be eligible to apply as a dependent for my father’s partner visa. Now that I am no longer affected by either of those scary laws and I am now on a Bridging Visa A where I have the opportunity to travel in and out if I want to by applying for a Bridging Visa B.

I want thank you and the team agape to be so knowledgeable about migration laws and innovative with their strategies. I cannot thank them enough and would recommend to everyone who has any difficult cases on hand. Thanks again Agape!”

- Skye