Increase in AAT Review Application Fees

If you have a received an adverse decision whether relating to your visa being cancelled or an application being refused, you may have legal rights to appeal this decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT is tasked to reconsider the case afresh based on its merits.


Currently, the review application fees are $1,764 for the Migration and Refugee Division. You can only seek a refund on very limited circumstances. For example, if your review is made out of time and is deemed to be out of jurisdiction, then you may be eligible for a full refund. Or, if you are successful and win your case, you will be eligible for a 50% refund.

From 01 July 2019, these fees will increase to $1,787.  In cases where a 50% fee reduction is granted the reduced fee will be $893.50. This can be found on the AAT website.

Why consult an immigration lawyer?

There are very strict limitations to AAT review applications. For example, you must pursue the appeal within a certain timeframe and only certain people have standing to apply for the review. It is best to consult an immigration law to understand the legal requirements behind the merits review application at the AAT.

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