New Labor Agreement Introduced

A new Advertising Industry Labour Agreement was introduced in early 2019. This is an agreement negotiated between the Media Federation of Australia (MFA), The Communications Council (TCC) and the Department of Home Affairs to cover skill shortages within the Advertising Industry.

 According to their negotiations,

‘the Australian advertising industry competes globally and ranks in the top five for creative excellence and marketing effectiveness. The industry strongly supports Australian jobs first, but needs access to overseas talent to maintain its international ranking. The AILA has been designed to address this need.’


What are the key features of the labor agreement?


  •        Advertising Specialist (225111)

  •         Graphic Designer (232411)

  •         Copywriter (212411)

  •          Multimedia Designer (232413)

  •         Web Developer (261212)

 These occupations are on the Short Term Skills Occupation List (STSOL) meaning they have no pathway to permanent residency under the Standard TSS Migration Pathway.


The agreement lasts for 5 years.


  •          The are capped at 300 visas per year.

  •         Only available to MFA And TCC members.

Key Features

  •         Employers to maintain at least 75% Australian workforce

  •          Work experience requirements raised from 2 years to 3 years

  •        They can obtain a 4 year TSS visa (rather than 2 years) and have pathway to PR

o   To be eligible for PR, they must have 6 years work experience

  •         Minimum annual salary of $85,000


English level as required for Short Term Stream of TSS visa


Because representation matters for migration matter.

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